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Most IT budgets can't afford to add a full Information Security team, complete with a strategic Chief Information Security Officer.

You can't be expected to know how to secure and monitor every platform -- or pay someone to develop proven processes to do so.

Let's get you the resources to:

Add reliability so you can stop putting out fires

Analyze phishing questions and admin elevation requests to give you more time

Know your systems, security, logs, and alerts get checked every morning

Show management the benefits of your new proactive approach

Backup email, OneDrive, Google Workspace, workstations, servers, etc.

Review coding changes to avoid disaster

Manage your firewall, wireless, workstation, cloud, VPN, and server security

Gain best practices and meta-support to be an IT hero

ThreeShield supports your efforts to reduce unexpected problems so you can be the hero who provides responsive and reliable IT support.

What our IT and MSP clients say about ThreeShield


IT Architect, Financial Technology and Online Retail

" Collaborating with ThreeShield to ensure data security was an exciting and educational experience. As we exploded in growth, it was clear that we needed to rapidly mature on all fronts, and ThreeShield was integral to building our confidence with information, software, and infrastructure security. "


IT Security Director, Linden Lab (Virtual Reality)

" ThreeShield helped us focus our efforts, enhancing our security posture and verifying PCI compliance.

All of this was achieved with minimal disruption to the engineering organization as a whole.

The approach was smart. In a short time, we accomplished what much larger companies still struggle to achieve. "


Senior Director of Systems and Build Engineering

" ThreeShield very much values active and respectful collaboration, and went out of their way to get feedback on policies to make sure proposals balanced business needs while not making employees feel like they were dealing with unreasonable overhead. By doing so ThreeShield really helped change the culture around security mindfulness is positive ways. "

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