Security Awareness for Seniors

28 May 2021 · Security Awareness

Free Presentations for Seniors, Kids, and Parents

This video is the presentation that ThreeShield provides to seniors as part of our Social Responsibility program of providing free security awareness training to schools, youth groups, parent groups, school councils, and seniors. If you would like a similar presentation for your group, please contact us.

“I wanna’ go to Granny’s to look at Naked Ladies!”

A few weeks ago, we received a call from an embarrassed grandmother who wasn’t allowed to babysit her grandson anymore after he told his mom that he wanted to visit her to look at naked ladies. It turned out that she had fallen for a scam that instructed her to install a malicious program on her computer, which changed her browser to display porn ads.

This proved to be a difficult lesson in patching, antivirus, scam awareness, and internet safety. Chris covers these topics and more in this video.